Upcoming Talks and Workshops

List of Talks

  • Art-Inspired Curved-Crease Origami Design, AMS Special Session on Serious Recreational Mathematics, Joint Mathematics Meeting 2024, San Francisco, USA, January 2024.
  • Art-Inspired Curved-Crease Origami Design, Haystack Labs, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Maine, USA, August 2023.
  • Locally Flat and Rigidly Foldable Discretizations of Conic Crease Patterns with Reflecting Rule Lines, OrigaMIT Convention, Boston, Massachusetts, November 2022.
  • Locally Flat and Rigidly Foldable Discretizations of Conic Crease Patterns with Reflecting Rule Lines, International Conference on Geometry and Graphics, online, August 2022.
  • Lotus: A curved folding tool for Grasshopper, ACADIA Conference, online, November 2021.
  • Architecture & Mathematics: How we Collaborate, Invited panelist at the DigitalFUTURES Talk with T. Knight, E. Demaine, and R. Maleczek, moderated by D. Koschitz and R. Brackett III, online, December 2021. [Recording]
  • Curved Crease Edge Rounding of Polyhedral Surfaces, Advances in Architectural Geometry Conference 2020, online, April 2021.
  • Design of Curved Creases with Lotus, FoldFest 2021, online, April 2021.
  • Lotus: Grasshopper components for curved folding, Guest Lecture, Pratt Institute of Design, online, March 2021.
  • Design of Circular-Arc Curved Creases of Constant Fold Angle, Bridges Conference, online, 2020.
  • Spherical Polyhedra with Regular Faces, Bridges Conference, Linz, Austria, 2019.
  • On Mathematical Paper Folding, Symposium on Solid and Physical Modelling, Vancouver, Canada, 2019.
  • On Mathematical Paper Folding, Symposium of Origami and Deployable Mechanisms, Okinawa, Japan, 2019.
  • Origami Research (presented with Erik Demaine), OrigaMIT Convention, Boston, Massachusetts, 2018.
  • Curved Crease Paper Folding with Rigid Rulings, ESI Workshop on Rigidity and Flexibility of Geometric Structures, Vienna, 2018.
  • Folding the Vesica Piscis, Bridges Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, 2018.
  • Symmetric Folded D-Forms from a Cylinder and Two Cones, Conference on Curves and Surfaces, Arcachon, France, 2018.
  • Geometry and Interactive Design of Curved Creases, Conference on Geometry, Pilsen, Czech Republic, 2017.