Wrinkling Paper

Joint work with Robby Kraft, Rupert Maleczek, and Tomohiro Tachi.

We developed a tool to convert a non-planar polyhedral shape into a “wrinkled surface” by replacing each non-planar quad with a cone-cone or lens molecule. Read more in our paper.

Illustration of the quad filling operation.
For every face, we the user can choose the type and orientation of the molecule.
Different combinations and orientations can be used to generate patterns.
Architectural example.
In collaboration with the RnKOLEKTIVE, we build a Kusudama Tower using the plug-in. It was on display during summer 2023 at MIT Media Lab.
Ornament from oak veneer, build at Haystack Labs 2023.
Dodecahedron with lenses from oak veneer (2023).